Identifying talent with the right balance of skill, experience and affordability to ensure your needs are met.


Building digital ecosystems that deliver a rich, interactive and seamless experience for users across digital channels.


Amplifying your presence by expanding your market reach, brand recognition and customer advocacy to improve marketing effectiveness.


Convergences of multidisciplinary and next generation strategic thinking to help you unlock business value and return on investment of digital assets.

Terranovix is the next generation digital agency and leader when it comes to demystifying digital.

Terranovix is your strategic digital adviser and technology partner when it comes the placement of ICT personnel and delivering of digital ecosystems that transform your ideas about how you work and interact with the world.


strategic digital adviser and technology partner.

Terranovix transforms organisations by unleashing the power of digital. We help unlock growth opportunities and develop unique selling propositions which innovate and differentiate organisations.

Terranovix offers an extensive range of competitively priced digital services. We assist organisations to achieve their business goals by bringing together a multidisciplinary team of professionals with the skill, talent and experience to ensure we always delivery successfully.

We provide strategic advice and technology expertise to support you with every phase of the digital journey. By balancing strategy, creativity, media, information and technology, we create integrated solutions that work for you.

With broad technology skills across major platforms and technologies, we serve to build digital ecosystems for leading brands. Terranovix creates powerful user experiences with exceptional award winning visual designs that help you build brand advocacy across all digital channels.

We understand the importance of finding the right people when it comes to realising the benefits and return on investment of your digital assets. Working together we help you accelerate this journey by leveraging our experience as a digital and technology provider to recruit highly skilled and knowledgeable experts across a broad spectrum of IT functions and specialisations.