Building a high performance workforce

Helping you find and recruit quality
contractors and permanent staff


Building platforms that transform the way people interact and work

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Discover, engage and transact with customers online

Building stronger brands and customer advocacy


Delivering high quality of service

Creating a seamless and unified experience
across your digital channels.


Digital transformation that innovates and differentiates you


Delivering powerful and innovative digital experiences
that connect and transform people and brands.

Accelerate your digital journey today by transforming your ideas about how you work and interact with the world. Terranovix is your strategic digital adviser and technology partner when it comes to delivering digital ecosystems that balance strategy, creativity, media, information and technology.


Unleash the power of emerging and disruptive internet technologies
to drive digital innovation that builds brands. connects people. delivers high performance.

ICT Placements

Accelerate your IT transformation journey and delivery of services with Terranovix. We help clients find and recruit high quality contractors and permanent staff.

Our talent and experience as a digital and technology provider allows us to leverage this to source knowledgeable experts across a broad spectrum of IT function and specialisation.


Digital Platforms

Leveraging disruptive and internet technologies we connect people and create an an unparalleled experience across your digital channels to ensure you achieve maximum business impact and outcome.

Terranovix uses state of the art web and mobile technologies and industry best practices to help you architect, design and implement IT solutions that work for you.

Digital Marketing

Our digital agency of natives are poised to help you discover, engage and transact with customers online. We amplify your presence by expanding your market reach, brand recognition and customer engagement and loyalty.

By unleashing true creativity, we design rich, interactive and meaniningful user experiences that are built to engage and build lasting relationships.

Digital Advisory

By harnessing digital assets and the insight and understanding of the customer, we are able to provide strategic advice to help you unlock business value. Working together we deliver the right customer experience and digital strategy.

Our digital offering includes not least audits, assessments, due diligence and guidance of your application and solution architecture, development practice and quality management processes.


Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because we
offer a full suite of digital services and ...

Proven track record

Trust us to get it right first time. We have a proven track record, especially when it comes to delivering complex digital ecosystems, leveraging skilled specialists, industry best practice methodologies, tools and assets.

Experienced and skilled resources

We invest extensively in our people to provide world-class digital natives and thought leaders to help you go digital. By combining market research, insight, experience and capabilities across industry, function, specialisation and technology, we help you realise your true potential.

Competitive pricing and flexible commercials

We understand the importance of providing affordable and flexible commercial arrangements to ensure you achieve success. We provide competitive pricing while limiting your business risks and maximising your upside potential.

Speed and agility of delivery

Our integrated digital agency and ICT placements enables us to deliver highly innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs with the superior speed, agility and precision that is necessary to stay ahead in today's competitive market.